Policy on ME:4098 Individual Investigations in Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students planning to take ME:4098 Individual Investigations in Mechanical Engineering should identify a Mechanical Engineering faculty member to act as a project supervisor.  The faculty supervisor will provide guidance during project execution, evaluate the student’s work, and assign a grade at the end of the project.


The student and faculty supervisor will discuss the scope of the project, goals, and resources, and an appropriate number of semester hours in which to register for ME:4098.  Students must complete a minimum of 3 hours of technical work on the project per week (on average), per semester hour during the 15-week spring and fall semesters, and an equivalent total effort (i.e. 45 hours per semester hour) during other sessions.


Project deliverables are specified by the faculty supervisor; however, students must submit at least the following to the faculty supervisor:

  • a project proposal, describing the motivation, goals, and methods to be used, as well as a timeline for project execution, and any additional items specified by the faculty supervisor.
  • a final report and/or presentation summarizing the approach taken and the major results and conclusions of the study, as well as any additional items specified by the faculty supervisor.


Additional deliverables may be required by the faculty supervisor.