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Juliana with robot at SICK internship

Q&A with Juliana Danesi Ruiz

Juliana Danesi Ruiz is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student who will graduate in Spring 2020. Her focus area is Robotics and Autonomous Systems. She is also pursuing a double minor in Computer Science and Mathematics, and participates in the University Honors program. Juliana is also...

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Engineering students at Iowa are smart, interesting people. They are also international travelers, Big Ten athletes, Hawkeye Marching Band members, leaders of student organizations, fraternity and sorority members, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, hospital volunteers, student senators, dance marathoners, intramural competitors, researchers, and more. Explore our academic programs.

Mechanical Engineering

Cars, aircraft, medical devices, structures— all of these begin in the imaginations of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers use computers to simulate freezing human cells, casting processes, and failure of vehicle components, among other things. They improve alternative energy sources like fuel cells, wind, and biomass, and use reality-based design and optimization to boost performance.

Iowa’s program is especially strong in areas ranging from biomechanics to fluid mechanics, such as design optimization for ship hydrodynamics. The breadth of faculty expertise opens extensive options for students to do hands-on research, and a combined B.S./M.S. degree option means more opportunity for specialization.