FAQs - New ME Curriculum, effective Spring 2019

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please email ME-dept@uiowa.edu.  We will respond promptly.


How do I decide whether to take the new Design and Manufacturing curriculum or the old curriculum?

Most freshmen and sophomores (as of the fall 2018 semester), that are taking courses according to the recommended plan of study, should take the new curriculum.  Most juniors and seniors will have already completed this curriculum, and should remain on the old curriculum.  A detailed discussion of what-if scenarios can be found here.


I am currently a junior and would like to take ME:3600 Control of Mechanical Engineering Systems in Fall 2019 instead of ME:3040 Thermodynamics II.  Can I do this?

Whether you take ME:3600 or ME:3040 depends on when you will take ME:4048 Energy Systems Design.  The Fall 2019 offering of ME:4048 will still require ME:3040 as a prerequisite, so students completing ME:4048 in Fall 2019 MUST complete ME:3040.  Therefore students who will be graduating in Spring 2020 must take ME:3040. 

Juniors who wish to take an introductory course on control should consider taking ME:4113 Control of ME Systems in Spring of 2019.  This course will evolve into ME:3600 in Fall 2019, and is an acceptable alternative prerequisite for subsequent courses requiring ME:3600.


The new EFAs do not include MATH:3800.  I want to earn a minor in Mathematics.  Can I still take this course?

Students who desire to earn a minor in Mathematics should consult the requirements established by the Department of Mathematics, and discuss their plans with their advisor in the context of their career goals.  Under the old EFAs, many students have earned a math minor by completing MATH:3800 (or another math course at a more advanced level than the math courses taken in the required ME curriculum).  Students wishing to earn the minor in Mathematics can still do this by taking the math course as a flexible elective in their EFA.


I have started to complete an EFA under one of the old plans of study.  Can I still complete my plan of study, or do I need to change it to comply with the revised version of the EFA?

Currently-registered students (as of Fall 2018) may complete elective plans of study compatible with either the old or the revised EFAs.  In most cases, it is expected that students who have begun an elective plan of study will complete that plan under the old EFA definition; however, students can request to revise their plan of study at any time using the online EFA form.  


I have started to complete an EFA under one of the old plans of study, but I am interested in taking courses that are included in the new version (or in the new Robotics and Autonomous Systems EFA).  What do I do?

This depends on which courses you have taken, or how far along you are in your EFA, and a strategy should be discussed with your faculty advisor.  In general, students must complete their EFA either according to the old definition or the new definition.  However, there are exceptions for students desiring to complete a new EFA who have completed either MATH:3800 or the old version of ME:4111. 

Also, students completing an old EFA can include “focus” electives from the new EFA in the old EFA.  Details on policies regarding transition from old to new, or combining courses from old and new EFAs, can be found here.

Students that have partially-completed EFAs, and who wish to take multiple new courses may not be able to design an EFA according to either the new or old plans of study.  In that case, it may be best to design a tailored EFA, in consultation with the student’s advisor, that has a focus consistent with the student’s career objectives.


I have completed DFM and CIE, can I complete ME:2200 & ME:2300 from the new curriculum and use DFM & CIE as other course electives?

To satisfy the design/manufacturing requirements in the required ME curriculum, students must complete either both of the old courses, ENGR:2730 CIE AND ENGR:2760 DFM, or both of the new courses, ME:2200 and ME:2300.  The new curriculum includes and surpasses the content in ENGR:2760 DFM, so ENGR:2760 may not be used as an elective.  ENGR:2730 CIE (3-SH section) is listed as a general elective in the Robotics and Autonomous Systems EFA, and qualifies as a flexible elective in the other EFAs.  Therefore students who have completed ME:2200 and ME:2300 as well as the 3-SH version of ENGR:2730 may apply ENGR:2730 to their EFA, if appropriate to their elective plan of study, upon consultation with their advisor.  Under no circumstances can ENGR:2730 be used to earn credit for both a required course and elective course.