There are several undergraduate opportunities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Iowa College of Engineering. From undergraduate engineering degrees, dual degrees, certificates, unique focus areas and extracurricular activities, there are many options available to explore and develop professional skills. The Mechanical Engineering (ME) undergraduate program within the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa will emphasize both a broad education in engineering fundamentals and the opportunity for in-depth learning in a focus area. 

Undergraduate Engineering Degrees

Combined Degrees


Mechanical Engineering students are provided the opportunity to earn Certificates jointly with their degrees. Certificates allow students to focus or specialize in an area, topic, or field outside of their specific engineering focus to gain an understanding and knowledge of topics that will help them professionally. The following are common Certificates received by Mechanical Engineering students: 

Design Experiences for Students

Students in Mechanical Engineering who are close to finishing their degrees are required to take a capstone course that allows them to translate what they learned in the classroom into real projects. From design sequences that are closely tied to actual industrial design projects to international project experiences for undergraduate engineering students, there are projects to interest every student. 

Student Organizations

Student organizations and clubs are an important aspect of your undergraduate career.  The College of Engineering is home to dozens of student organizations and clubs.  There are clubs for every interest, whether it be a hobby or a professional subject.  Below are some student organizations in the field of Mechanical Engineering.  Additional College of Engineering organizations can be found here.