Website Edit/Edit Request Process

An up-to-date website with a smooth editing process ensures fresh and current content that performs better in search engines, keeps visitors coming back for reliable information, and encourages the sharing of content on social-networking platforms. To this end, the web team is establishing processes and protocols so that updates can be timely and accurate while helping to manage the expectations of the campus community and increase departmental accountability for the content of individual pages on the site. This document provides a framework for webmaster response to content-change requests.

Web Change Request Submission

Faculty and staff will submit content edit requests via a form located with each department.  Contact for Mechanical Engineering (ME) is  In the event the website form isn’t available, requests can be submitted via Email at webmaster@engineering.uiowa. Please include the following information with each request:

Request Submission Form Details

All requests require the following information:

  • Name and contact information of requester
  • The URL(s) for the page(s) on which changes are being requested
  • Detailed instructions about what needs to be changed
  • Indication of urgency/time-sensitivity of the request. (Every attempt will be made to fulfill requests quickly, but projects or requests received before yours may take precedence. Please plan requests as far in advance as possible to ensure associated deadlines aren’t missed.)
  • Content to be inserted/replaced. (Please see “Submitting Content for Changes” to find out the proper format in which to submit changes.)
  • Attached images or documents if required. (Please see “Photo and File Attachment Formats” to find out how to submit these items.)

Request Approval Process

All requests will receive a response from each department administrator or the College Web team. All work completed will be communicated to the requester via email, and the requester will have an opportunity to look over the changes. Any urgent requests made outside of the process must be made directly to each department administrator.

Submitting Content for Changes

All content submitted for changes should be in a Word document. In that Word document, the rule is “less is more”—do not overly format your documents. Use one font, and only utilize the bold and italic functions. Do not set tabs, make tables, design or use templated headers or footers, or insert page numbers. The way a blank document opens in Word is the way you should use it. Including extra formatting can mean quadrupling the time it takes to get your copy on pages. Extra formatting is very difficult to remove—and it must be removed in order to be posted on the website. If you would like to present a formatted document so that the webmaster better understands your requests, you may—but you must also submit a clean document as specified by this policy. Please proof-read your content changes carefully. Accuracy is the responsibility of the requester.

Photo and File Attachment Formats

Sometimes, a PDF is linked from a page to give in-depth printable information to the end user (such as event brochures and the Student Handbook). PDFs must adhere to the graphic standards of the University of Iowa, and are subject to editing or will be sent back to the requester for correction. Requesters who are unsure if their files fit this standard can submit a Word file for simple editing, and the web team will create the PDF file for posting. Photo files should be submitted as jpegs, at least 72 dpi and 5x5 inches. Photos are subject to evaluation for quality and appropriateness. Many photos can be improved with some editing, which can be done by the web team. Please do not send links to photo-development sites like Walgreen’s, although links to photo-sharing sites like Flickr are fine. 

Please Note:  If there are multiple major changes to be made, please submit a separate form for each. For example, if there are changes for both your “Faculty” page and your “About the Profession” page, please submit a separate form for each.
 Once completed, please submit this form to your department administer or to Bill Easton by e-mail at

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx ppt pptx.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.