Recurring Schedule of ME Electives

The following schedule helps ME undergraduate students to select elective courses for their EFA. It provides a guide for when a particular elective course is offered.

Fall, Spring and Summer: Every Year

  • ME:4098 Individual Investigations: Mechanical Engineering

Fall: Every Year

  • ME:4111 Numerical Calculations
  • ME:4115 Finite Element I
  • ME:4116 Manufacturing Processes and Automation
  • ME:4153 Fundamentals of Vibrations
  • ME:4164 Fundamental of Wind Turbines
  • ME:5113 Mathematical Methods in Engineering
  • ME:5115 Cooperative Autonomous Systems
  • ME:5143 Computational Fluid and Thermal Engineering
  • ME:5145 Intermediate Heat Transfer
  • ME:5149 Propulsion Engineering
  • ME:5150 Intermediate Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
  • ME:5154 Intermediate Kinematics and Dynamics
  • ME:5160 Intermediate Mechanics of Fluids
  • ME:5360 Control Theory

Spring: Every Year

  • ME:3179 Continuum Mechanics
  • ME:4110 Computer-Aided Engineering
  • ME:4112 Engineering Design Optimization
  • ME:4115 Finite Element I
  • ME:4131 Manufacturing Systems
  • ME:4142 Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
  • ME:4186 Enhanced Design Experience
  • ME:5114 Nonlinear Control in Robotic Systems
  • ME:5159 Fracture Mechanics
  • ME:5362 Computer-Based Control Systems

Summer: Every Year

  • ME:5162 Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Spring: Even Years

  • ME:4175 Computational Naval Hydrodynamics
  • ME:5120 Vehicle Systems Dynamics
  • ME:5146 Modeling of Materials Processing
  • ME:5167 Composite Materials

Spring: Odd Years

  • ME:4125 Biomimetic Fluid Dynamics

Fall: Odd Years

  • ME:5210 Intermediate Thermodynamics

Electives on an irregular schedule or currently not offered

  • ME:5195 Contemporary Topics in Mechanical Engineering