Graduate Program

There are several graduate opportunities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Iowa College of Engineering. The Mechanical Engineering (ME) graduate program within the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa emphasizes in-depth learning and research.  

Graduate Engineering Degrees

Mechanical Engineering

  • Master of Science with thesis
  • Master of Science non-thesis
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Why Iowa?

Iowa City ranks among the nation's best college towns in countless surveys and studies based on our quality of life, cost of living, and earning potential for young professionals. Forbes ranks U-Iowa as one of the top 10 best college cities to live in, Best College Towns rank Iowa #9 in the top 50 best college towns in America, and Iowa City is a vibrant, cultured, accessible, fun college town. Learn more about Iowa City here.

Student Organizations

The College of Engineering is home to dozens of student organizations and clubs.  There are clubs for every interest, whether it be a hobby or a professional subject.  Below are some student organizations. Additional College of Engineering organizations can be found here.

Multi-Ethnic Engineering and Science Association (MESA)
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)

GPSG is the Graduate and Professional Student Government at the University of Iowa. GPSG represents UI's nearly 10,000 graduate and professional students and advocate on their behalf to university administrators, the Board of Regents, and state and federal legislators. Their mission is improve the experience of graduate and professional students at the University of Iowa. GPSG is a representative democracy, with delegates elected from all graduate and professional students at the University of Iowa. GPSG acts like an umbrella organization to GSS.



Graduate Student Senate (GSS) 

GSS is comprised of grad students, for grad students. The Senate works in association with the Graduate College and is the primary representative, administrative, and service organization for the graduate students at the University of Iowa. It assists in the administration of resources designated to graduate students, and works to establish and maintain programs and activities of interests to graduate students. GSS aims to be the voice of graduate students. A senator from your department is the easiest way to be sure the voice of graduate students in your department is heard.


Current Graduate Student Resources

Academic Calendars - academic deadlines, five-year academic calendar, religious holidays/interfaith calendar

Dissertation Support Group - offered through the University Counseling Service

Ethnic Inclusion - opportunities through the College of Engineering Diversity Office

Graduate College Manual - rules and regulations of the Graduate College

Graduate Student Senate - giving a voice in the dialog with university administration, opportunities for professional development, outreach, and social events

Graduate & Professional Organizations - access restricted to currently registered students and login required

Graduate Student Life - connecting you with key services on campus

Professional Development - Resources from the Graduate College offering students opportunities around eight core competencies—Communication, Research and Publication, Diversity, Funding, Teaching, Leadership, Careers, and Wellness

Researcher Handbook - an electronic guide to assist all researcher navigating the complex research environment

Responsible Conduct of Research - a required course for all current graduate students

Thesis and Dissertation - submission details from the Graduate College - includes completion steps, deadlines, support and assistance, graduation, and upcoming thesis defenses

How to Apply

You must first meet the Graduate College requirements, and then additionally the requirements of the department for which you are applying. Apply Online, the $60 application fee ($100 for international students) is payable by Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.  Learn more details here.