Changes to the ME Required Curriculum

The ME undergraduate required curriculum is undergoing a transition that involves replacing three existing required courses with three new courses.  The updates in the required ME curriculum include:

  • Increased focus on parametric solid modeling (CAD) and design in the sophomore year
  • Increased focus on manufacturing processes in the sophomore or junior year
  • Introduction of a new course on control of mechanical engineering systems

This revision affects students who are sophomores as of the fall 2018 semester and who are following the prescribed ME curriculum plan.  Students who are juniors and who are taking some courses out of sequence may be affected by the revisions, and should carefully consider how the revisions may apply to their plan of study.

Currently-enrolled students must complete either the new curriculum or the old curriculum.  In most cases, juniors and seniors (as of Fall 2018) will need to complete the old curriculum, and freshmen and sophomores will complete the new curriculum.

The revision involves two transitions:

  • “Design and Manufacturing” transition (sophomore year, implemented in Spring 2019)
  • “Thermodynamics to Control” transition (junior year, implemented in 2019-20 academic year)

Details of these transitions are discussed below.


New Courses

  • ME:2200 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design (2 SH)
    • Pre-requisite: ENGR:1100 Introduction to Engr. Problem Solving
    • Will be introduced in Spring 2019
    • Current sophomores should take this course in the Spring 2019 semester
    • Will be offered only once per year (spring semester)
  • ME:2300 Manufacturing Processes (3 SH)
    • ENGR:2720 Materials Science AND ME:2200 OR BME:2710 Engineering Drawing, Design, and Solid Modeling
    • Will be introduced in Spring 2019 (taught spring and fall)
    • This course replaces ENGR:2760 “Design for Manufacturing”, and should be taken at the same time that it was scheduled in the old curriculum (semester 4 or 5)
  • ME:3600 Control of Mechanical Engineering Systems (3 SH)
    • Pre-requisites: MATH:2550 Engr Math III, MATH:2560 Engr Math IV, ENGR:2710 Dynamics
    • Will be introduced in Fall 2019 (taught in fall semester only)
    • Current sophomores should take this course in the Fall 2019 semester


Courses that will no-longer be required:

  • ENGR:2730 Computers in Engineering (2 SH)
  • ENGR:2760 Design for Manufacturing (3 SH)
  • ME:3040 Thermodynamics II (3 SH)


Reduced Requirements for Professional Seminar (ME:3091)

The seminar was discussed in a faculty meeting on Dec. 4, 2018, and the faculty approved reducing the requirement such that students only need to successfully complete ME:3091 one time in order to satisfy degree requirements.  Therefore, effective immediately, ME undergraduate students will be required to complete ME:3091 only once.

Due to the reduced seminar requirement, the Spring 2019 offering of ME:3091 will be canceled, and ME:3091 will be offered from now on in the FALL semesters only.  Students who have not completed any offerings of ME:3091 should plan to register for the seminar in the fall of their junior year.  If that is not possible, it may be taken in the fall of the senior year.  Students who cannot take the seminar during either of those semesters (due to internships or other extraneous circumstances) should contact the ME Department to identify a solution.


  • This change does not impact students who have already completed two Professional Seminars.
  • Students are still required to complete ENGR:1000 Engineering Success Seminar and ME:2020 Mechanical Engineering Sophomore Seminar.  This change affects ONLY ME:3091
  • It will take some time to update all degree audits to reflect this change.  Students with degree audits indicating an unsatisfied SECOND ME:3091 Professional Seminar should not be concerned that a deficiency is noted in their seminar requirements.


Design and Manufacturing Transition

ENGR:2730 Computers in Engineering (CIE) and ENGR:2760 Design for Manufacturing (DFM) will be replaced by ME:2200 and ME:2300.  To meet requirements for graduation, ME students must either complete both ENGR:2730  and ENGR:2760 OR both ME:2200 and 2300.

All students should identify themselves in one of the following categories, and adapt their plan of study accordingly:

Student Scenario: Required Action:
Completed ENGR:2760 DFM and ENGR:2730 CIE No change to design/manufacturing curriculum.  Keep these courses.
Completed ENGR:2760 DFM, but NOT ENGR:2730 CIE

Must complete ENGR:2730 CIE, and keep the old design/manufacturing curriculum.

Note: the 2 SH version of ENGR:2730 will be offered for the last time in Spring 2019.  After that, students needing to take CIE will have to take the 3 SH section.

Students requiring ENGR:2730 who cannot complete the course by Spring 2019 should contact their academic advisor to discuss as soon as possible.

Completed ENGR:2730 CIE, but NOT ENGR:2760 DFM

The ME program will no longer be involved in instruction of DFM.  Students currently in this scenario have been contacted by the ME Department to plan a transition strategy.

If these students encounter any issues with their transition plan, they are urged to promptly contact their faculty advisor.

NOT completed either ENGR:2760 DFM NOR ENGR:2730 CIE

Complete the new curriculum, beginning in Spring 2019 (ME:2200 and ME:2300).

This is the norm for students who are freshman and sophomores as of Fall 2018.



Thermodynamics II to Control Transition

ME:3040 Thermodynamics II will be replaced by ME:3600 Control of Mechanical Engineering Systems in the new curriculum.  Current sophomores will take ME:3600 in Fall 2019 and will NOT take ME:3040 in Spring of 2020.  ME:3040 Thermodynamics II will be offered as an elective course, beginning in Spring 2020.

Current juniors must take ME:3040 as a prerequisite to ME:4048 Energy Systems Design, which is taken in the fall of the senior year.  ME:3040 will remain a prerequisite to ME:4048 until the Fall 2020 offering of ME:4048.

If you are taking ME:4048 Energy Systems Design in the Fall 2019 semester, you MUST complete ME:3040 as a prerequisite

Students who will complete ME:4048 Energy Systems Design in Fall 2020 or later must complete ME:3600.

Since ME:3040 is offered in the spring semester and ME:3600 will be offered in the fall semester, it is recommended that students take the second EFA course in semester 6 (spring of junior year) rather than semester 5 (fall of junior year).  This is reflected in the new curriculum sheet .


PHYS:1612 Introductory Physics II Transition

The Department of Physics and Astronomy will offer the 3-SH version of PHYS:1612 (without the lab) for the last time in Spring 2019.  Subsequently, only the 4-SH version of PHYS:1612 will be offered, which includes the lab.  Either the 3-SH or 4-SH version of PHYS:1612 will satisfy the PHYS:1612 requirement for the ME degree.